If you have a wedding coming up or a memorable anniversary, birthday or other special celebration planned, why not include Velindre as part of your special day?

We have specially-designed cards and badges that will show your guests you are supporting Velindre on your special day.


Catherine Ashman said: "I am interested in purchasing some of your badges as wedding favours for our wedding in October next year. My husband to be had testicular cancer 10 years ago and was treated at velindre. Despite undergoing treatment at a very upsetting time he has very fond memories of his time there. We also lost his dad to cancer in February last year and he also got treatment there. It's a very special place to us and we try to donate when we can. My fiance was told there was very little chance he would have children naturally and against the odds we have 2 beautiful boys. So we would like to give a little back and show our support on what will be one of the most special days of our lives. I have racked my brain for favour ideas and I have just found out about this. It's absolutely perfect for us as without Velindre we may not have even been having this day." 



Suggested donation £2 per badge, £1 per card, or just £2 when you buy both.


To purchase yours please email us: info@velindrefundraising.com to arrange purchase.