Victory Over Cancer - General Fund Donations

Facing up to, and dealing with cancer is one of the biggest challenges that anyone can face; it affects everything - family, friends, work coleagues and how you live your life. It can be a very frightening time.

At Velindre we endeavour to support cancer patients and their families through this difficult period, and our specially trained and hightly committed staff strive every day to make this time as comfortable as possible.

We believe that every hour, every day, every month that someone survives cancer is a victory. 

Every pound that is raised will be used to help us in our battle to achieve the ultimate goal of Victory Over Cancer.

Every event, every activity, no matter how small, will be a celebration because anything that helps defy cancer will contribute towards our aim of Victory Over Cancer. 

Patient centred care is at the heart of everything we do and believe in here at Velindre Cancer Centre; all money raised from our Victory over Cancer campaign will be used to ensure the best possible support is offered to every patient, their families and carers dealing with cancer. It will allow us to fund ground breaking research, specialist equipment, and new developments so our staff have access to the most up to date training and techniques available.

Someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer every 2 minutes, but already more people in Wales are surviving cancer because of early detection and better treatments.

Support our campaign and help us to achieve Victory over Cancer.

Click here to make a donation to our Victory Over Cancer campaign

To support our Appeals and other services and projects, please make a donation to Velindre Cancer Centre. Thanks for any donation, we will attempt to comply with your wishes as to the use of the donation to support this appeal. In the event that we cannot deliver the main purpose of this appeal, we reserve the right to use the funds for similar charitable purposes in Velindre NHS Trust Charitable Funds.