Undercover Appeal

Over 36, 000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year in the UK.   

Colorectal cancer, a cancer of the colon or rectum is one of the most common cancers in Wales. It happens in the parts of our bodies that break down food as it travels to our bowels after it's been in our stomachs.  We can all find it difficult or uncomfortable to talk about areas of our bodies that are so personal, and not everyone wants to see a physician to get screened for these types of cancers. But early detection is absolutely vital – bowel cancer is one of the most curable cancers if caught early enough and treated successfully.  

Research shows that British men are twice as likely to get bowel cancer today as they were in the mid-1970's.  The odds of them developing the disease in their lifetime have increased from 1 in 29 to 1 in 15.   

For women, bowel cancer risk has risen by a quarter from 1 in 26 to 1 in 19.  

But while bowel cancer rates have gone up since the 1970s, so have survival times.  Half of all patients diagnosed with the disease today survive for at least 10 years, double the number who would have lived that long in the early '70s.  

Velindre Cancer Centre Colorectal Research Department want to increase awareness of these “hidden” cancers and to raise the money needed to continue to fund and expand our research programmes.   The Colorectal Cancer Research Fund at Velindre Cancer Centre is managed by Professor Tim Maughan and funds local research into the causes and treatments of colorectal cancers. Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in Wales, and affects men and women equally. Cardiff already has a high reputation for bowel cancer research.  Professor Maughan’s main research is in running large UK wide trials of new treatments for bowel cancer.

The COIN trial completed accrual in May 2008 and includes 2,400 patients from 110 hospitals across the UK. All the samples from these patients are collected in Cardiff and there is a major programme of research aiming to predict the most effective treatment for each individual patient and to identify new mechanisms for treatment of those who do not respond well at the moment. To support this and other Appeals, please donate to Velindre Fundraising.

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