Stepping Stones Appeal

Velindre Cancer Centre's Lung Cancer Research Department launched the Stepping Stones Appeal to increase awareness of our work, and to raise the money necessary to continue to fund and expand our research programmes.

Lung cancer is the commonest cause of cancer death in England and Wales. There are nearly 2000 people newly diagnosed with lung cancer in Wales every year, so it is a significant health problem. Although most cases are associated with smoking, we are seeing an increasing number of sufferers who have never smoked. In fact, many people die every year from lung cancer who have never smoked, and this number is increasing. It is estimated that by 2015 there will be a 30% increase in the most common forms of cancer in Wales. More people in the UK survive cancer now than ever before thanks to early detection and better treatments.  

Following the success of a number of fundraising initiatives including the Captains Climb to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, Mair’s Walk and the Stepping Stones Rugby Gala Dinners, over £350,000 has been invested enabling the Wales Cancer Bank to be able to collect lung cancer samples for the first time ever. These samples will then be used by researchers around the world to improve our understanding of lung cancer which will help in the search for new treatments,

The Lung Cancer Research Fund at Velindre Cancer Centre is managed by Dr Jason Lester and funds local research into treatments and management of the illness. Although lung cancer is the most common form of cancer death in Wales, lung cancer research has been relatively poorly supported compared to other higher profile forms of cancer. Despite record spending on research, other cancers with higher profiles and better survival rates receive nearly two thirds of the money. Public sympathy and celebrity campaigning on behalf of some cancers has helped raise their profile, which also helps to attract more interest and money. To support the Stepping Stones Appeal and other projects, please donate to Velindre Fundraising. The Stepping Stones Appeal will provide:     


Funding for local lung cancer research projects. It is increasingly difficult to fund research in medicine. Increased income means we will be able to provide support for local research projects looking at improving patient care. Many scientists are dependent on short term grants and do not have permanent jobs.    


Educational grants to doctors, nurses and other health professionals involved in the care of lung cancer patients. This will help us to provide the best care possible for lung cancer patients.   


Equipment provision. Advances in technology mean that treatment is being delivered more efficiently and safely. The Stepping Stones Appeal will help purchase equipment to improve the way we treat lung cancer patients. Despite encouraging progress over the last few years, lung cancer remains a difficult disease to treat. Your support of the Stepping Stones Appeal will help us to advance our research into lung cancer, stage by stage, step by step.    


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To support our Appeals and other services and projects, please make a donation to Velindre Cancer Centre. Thanks for any donation, we will attempt to comply with your wishes as to the use of the donation to support this appeal. In the event that we cannot deliver the main purpose of this appeal, we reserve the right to use the funds for similar charitable purposes in Velindre NHS Trust Charitable Funds.