The Pink Appeal

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer. Around 2,300 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Wales every year. More than half of these will be treated, supported and cared for at Velindre Cancer Centre.

It is estimated that by 2015 there will be a 30% increase in the most common forms of cancer in Wales. More people in Wales survive cancer now than ever before thanks to early detection and better treatments.   Velindre Cancer Centre is well known for being the largest non - surgical cancer Hospital in Wales and providing Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and other specialised treatments. It is not so well known that Velindre Cancer Centre also manages an active, extensive and award winning programme of research into a wide variety of cancers.   

The Breast Cancer Research Fund at Velindre Cancer Centre is managed by Professor Peter Barrett-Lee who heads a heads a team of clinical and surgical research fellows. The Team is currently researching why some breast cancer cells become resistant to anti-estrogen therapy and understanding the mechanisms by which the cells become resistant. Anti-estrogen is a very effective method of treatment for some patients and the Team want to understand why some patients become resistant to this treatment.  We are also investigating why the molecule E-cadherin, which holds normal healthy cells together, becomes altered in some breast cancer cells and enables the cells to disseminate around the body. This research is receiving much interest and an article was recently published in the Breast Cancer online journal. For the future, we want to understand the important changes that take place, for patients, through the early stages of treatment. We plan to test tissue from primary tumours and subsequently at different stages of the treatment to understand changes and the effectiveness of treatment. 

The efforts of the Breast Cancer Research Team have been recognised worldwide, in particular, receiving the AACR-AstraZeneca International Scholar-in-Training Award, SABCS, for the last two years. We are determined to increase awareness of Breast Cancer research at Velindre so that we can raise the necessary money to fund our research programme   Contributions to breast cancer research at Velindre Cancer Centre will support:  

Funding for breast cancer research projects: We have had tremendous success in investigating this area of breast cancer research and have presented this work at several international meetings. We are currently writing research papers which will be published in major journals.   

Research fellowships: Our future plans are to continue our research on the mechanism of resistance to anti-cancer therapy through src inhibition of breast cancer cells. It is our belief that Velindre has the processes in place to ‘breed the researchers of the future' through the Clinical/Surgical Research Fellowship programme.    Equipment provision. Funding will help purchase lab materials and equipment that will improve our research capacity and help us achieve our ultimate aim: Taking research from the laboratory to the patients’ treatment in the clinic at Velindre Cancer Centre.

To find out more or donate to Breast Cancer Research contact the Fundraising team or download our brochure.   

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