Organise a safe and legal event

Charity fundraising is regulated by law. Below is some information and guidance to help you organise and run a safe and legal event.

Tell us about your event: 

Whatever event you decide to organise, please complete an Event Registration Form stating as many details about your event as possible, any materials you may require, including sponsor forms.  Please note, that to keep costs to a minimum there is a limit on the materials we are able to provide, such as t-shirts.  If you want to discuss ideas for an event, please email us or call us on 029 2031 6211.

Event Safety: 

Make sure that nobody is attending, helping or working in an unsafe environment.  The best way to do this is to undertake a risk assessment of the event and eliminate or minimise any risks.  Click here for a basic risk assessment form and guide on how to complete it.  

If there is money being handled at the event, please take reasonable measures for your safety. Count money in a safe area away from crowds and always have another person with you as a witness. If transporting money, always use a safe route and always be accompanied and/or carry a personal alarm.   If contractors, sub-contractors or external facilities are used, make sure they have the relevant experience and comply with insurance and health and safety standards. 

Event Insurance: 

If you organise an event that involves members of the public, attendees, participants or even spectators, you will need to ensure you have public liability insurance. With personal injury or accident claims on the increase in the UK, we strongly recommended your event is insured. Most venues already have this so you are holding your event at a venue always check with them. If you use 3rd party contractors for anything, such as equipment hire, catering, games or rides, you must ask to see a copy of their public liability insurance. Please note that Velindre Fundraising's own insurance policy will not cover you or your event.

Collections & Licenses: 

A street collection permit is required if you wish to collect money or sell anything for the benefit of a charity. You must apply for the permit through the relevant local council; you will find forms on their website. Procedures vary from council to council, with tougher requirements in place for popular areas/streets. Although time scales for issuing a permit will also vary, ensure that you give plenty of notice, at least a month or more if possible.   Events held in public places may need a licence so check with your local council before you start organising.

General Rules for Collections: 

Once you have a permit, you will have to abide by a further set of rules when you start collecting. Again, these vary from council to council, but there are several regulations that apply in most areas. To begin with, all collectors must be at least 16 years old unless the collection is part of a procession. In these cases collectors can be as young as 14, but must be accompanied by an adult if they are younger than 16.   You must ensure that you do not obstruct the public, or cause them any other annoyance or danger. Collectors must stand at least 25 metres apart from each other, and should remain stationary unless part of a procession.   Any collecting buckets or tins must be sealed, and should clearly display the name of the charity or appeal. You may not shake collecting tins. You should also take with you the letter of authority from the council in case of inspection by the police or council.   To hold a collection on private property, a public house or restaurant for example, you must ask the owner or manager for permission. Photos:  Please ask for consent from anyone that you take photos of and ensure they are aware that it may be used on the Velindre website, promotional materials etc.. For children under 18, consent must be obtained from parents or guardian prior to the picture being taken.   

Raffle & Lotteries: 

You will not need a licence to run a raffle if it is part of another event such as a disco, ball or quiz, and the tickets are being sold during the event to present attendees.

However, the following rules apply:

  • No more than £500 may be used to buy prizes although there is no limit on donated prizes
  • No more than £100 may be spent on costs
  • No cash prizes may be given

However, if you are planning on selling tickets prior to an event, or the raffle is the event i.e it’s being draw on another date, you will need a licence and pre-printed tickets stating the draw date, location, time list of prizes etc. Please contact us if you intend on running a raffle or lottery like this.  

As lotteries are governed by many rules we would recommend you speak to a member of the Velindre Fundraising Team and/or the local Licensing Authority for advice before organising one.   Alcohol:  If your event is being held at a venue that isn’t licensed for alcohol, you will need to obtain one.   


Food safety laws apply when food is available at an event in any way, whether it is for sale or free. Further information can be obtained from your local authority environmental health department. Further information about organising an event can be found at:  

Data Protection:

Velindre Fundraising comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and we expect our fundraisers and supporters to do the same.  Do not share any personal details on anybody without their permission and do not hold any personal or electronic information for any longer than you need to.