Leading Lights Appeal

Over many years Velindre Cancer Centre has developed a reputation for the excellence of its care and support for patients and families undergoing the trauma of dealing with cancer. This standard of care provided by our Specialist Nurses is frequently over and above what is expected. 

It is Velindre Cancer Centre’s aim that ALL patients have access to a named specialist nurse, so we are launching The Leading Lights Appeal to raise the money necessary to fund our Specialist Nurses.  

Being diagnosed and dealing with the effects of cancer can be a traumatic time for patients and families; our Specialist Nurses provide the highest level of supportive care when it is most needed, with the belief that patients should not be cared for in isolation but within the context of their family unit and that any care must be both patient and family focused.

Our Specialist Nurses are involved in many patient-centered initiatives and are able to provide expert information.  Another key part of their role is to act as patient advocates, raising concerns of both patients and relatives to the medical team and diffusing anxieties. They are able to manage a seamless transfer of care between multi-disciplinary specialist teams and are able to support the patient through inpatient/ outpatient and hospital and community care.  

As Velindre’s Dr Tom Crosby says:  “Whilst there have been significant improvements in Cancer treatments in recent years, there can be no doubt that treatment is becoming increasingly complex. Such treatment is often delivered over many months and in different hospitals.  A Velindre Cancer Centre Specialist Nurse is the key to helping patients through this journey of complicated care. The time a patient first receives the diagnosis of cancer can be a devastating time when the normality of life falls apart.  To a patient, and their families, the acceptance of this news whilst at the same time being given treatment options can seem overwhelming. A Specialist Nurse can help to tailor the delivery of such information to the individual patient’s needs, where necessary contacting the patients outside of the busy clinical environment. Such patient support is not only vital to optimize the patient experience of treatment but also to its safe delivery.  Access to this one to one personalised approach to care should be available to all cancer patients and their families in Wales. 

We know that the involvement of a Specialist Nurse can have a significant impact by some of the comments received from patients and families:

"Just a short note to pass on our thanks to you for the care and compassion you showed to my mum. Both dad and I were really comforted knowing that mum felt at so much ease with you. We were also safe in the knowledge that you were there for us to help explain anything to any of us if we needed it. Please keep up the good work!"  

"I had to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful support which you gave to me and my family during my husband’s illness. The last two weeks have quite simply been the saddest days of my life but without your care, compassion, overwhelming professionalism and kind words of support during my husband’s stay in hospital the traumatic time would have been unbearable."   "We just wanted to say thank you for all your care, concern and help during my husband’s stay in Velindre. I know that I have said this before but it is so reassuring to know that you are there especially during difficult and confusing times. We are both determined to beat this cancer. You do a fantastic job and will be held eternally in our highest regard. We are so glad the nurses encouraged us to meet with you as although you don’t want to accept things are difficult in the long run it was one of the best decisions we made.”  

The Leading Lights Appeal will support our Specialist Nurses to provide: Specialist levels of supportive care to patients and families Patient centered approach and family focused support Expert information patient advocates, raising concerns of both patients and relatives to the medical team and diffusing anxieties A seamless transfer of care between multi-disciplinary specialist teams support for the patient through inpatient and outpatient and hospital and community care.

Velindre Cancer Centre is the largest non surgical Hospital in Wales providing radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and other specialized anti – cancer treatments for over half the people in Wales affected by cancer.   If you would like to support the Leading Lights Appeal at Velindre Fundraising, please make your cheque payable to: Velindre Fundraising Specialist Nurses, and send to: Velindre Fundraising, Velindre Cancer Centre, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 2TL. To support this and other Appeals, please donate to Velindre Fundraising.

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To support our Appeals and other services and projects, please make a donation to Velindre Cancer Centre. Thanks for any donation, we will attempt to comply with your wishes as to the use of the donation to support this appeal. In the event that we cannot deliver the main purpose of this appeal, we reserve the right to use the funds for similar charitable purposes in Velindre NHS Trust Charitable Funds.