Liz Webster ran the IAAF World Half Marathon in Cardiff earlier in the year to fundraise for us, and being an experienced runner she thought she'd struggle to raise much....but by May she had raised an incredible £1017 to help cancer patients and their families in South Wales!

"I wouldn’t say I set myself a fundraising goal so to speak, I find it really hard to ask people to sponsor me, mainly because I do a lot of these type of events for charity and I found I was asking the same people to sponsor me. But I’m lucky to have amazingly supportive family and friends who back me with sponsorship. I’d say I was more determined in my fundraising for Velindre because I could relate it to my best friends mum who is receiving treatment there at the moment so that spurred me on to raise as much as I could."

Using tools like social media and running app's to track her progress Liz circulated her fundraising to friends, family and work colleagues, showing everyone how hard she was training and determined to raise as much as she could.

"When I got my final total of what I’d raised I was quite overwhelmed by everyone’s support, I never thought I’d raise that much but it was really satisfying that all the training in the harsh winter months was worth it especially when I could relate to the charity and knew people would benefit from what I’d raised."

We asked Liz what she thought about the forthcoming Cardiff Half Marathon that is 4 months away..

"I would most definitely recommend running the Cardiff Half in aid of Velindre, the 2 kind of go hand in hand as in, it’s a great race, really scenic and the crowds are so supportive, then combine that with running for such a great charity as Velindre you can’t really not want to get involved!"

Thanks so much for the wonderful support Liz! ‪#‎JustKeepRunning‬‪#‎VictoryOverCancer‬ ‪#‎Grateful‬


Last year Vicky Bates, along with her sister Emma and friend Sally set a series of challenges and with the furthest Vicky having ever run being 5k they set their sights on the big one, the Cardiff Half! With the help of friends, family and colleagues all donating and sharing their online donations page they managed to raise a fantastic £1136.25!

Our newly published "Caring for My Family with Cancer" educational books, that help parents explain the difficult subject of cancer and its treatments to their children, cost £10 each. As an example of how the funds could be spent, Vicky, Emma and Sally have raised the equivalent of OVER ONE HUNDRED families receiving this ground breaking addition to the services that can be provided by our Specialist Nurses as they help parents, children and families deal with cancer.


"It felt great to be able to raise such a fantastic amount for Velindre, my father passed away there and the treatment he received from all the staff was just amazing. Sally's brother Barry has been receiving treatment at Velindre for a few years now, that's the biggest part as to why we wanted all the fundraising money to go to Velindre!

I would definitely recommend raising money for Velindre in this years Cardiff Half, The money is going to a great cause and the help with the fundraising from Velindre is great!"


"I felt humbled by people's generosity, but I was brought to tears when my mum told me how proud she was of me."

Last year, running 2 miles would be a struggle for Mark Bean, despite this he signed up to run the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise funds for Velindre Cancer Centre Fundraising.. In his full fire fighting kit!!

Mark used Facebook and Twitter, along with an article in the South Wales Echo to publicise his fundraising, with a target he set of £400. With donations still flooding in till December, 2 months after the race Mark raised a staggering £2603.75!!

"I would definitely recommend running the Cardiff half for Velindre, the fantastic support my mother and family received during her treatment was immeasurable. The volunteers, the nurses , the doctors the support staff were all amazing. But unfortunately more money is needed to treat and fight this horrible disease. Any fundraising no matter how great or small will always be greatly appreciated."


"My Mum was diagnosed with cancer in January 2015 and she received her treatment at Velindre. I had always wished that I would be able to run a half marathon one day and when my Mum was poorly I decided that I would like to run the Cardiff Half Marathon for her (to make her proud) and to raise money for Velindre. My Mum watched me go through most of my training, I would often go for a run and call in to see her. I can remember one afternoon sat in the conservatory with her and I said Mum I don’t think I can do it, she looked at me sincerely and said you can do it! I will always remember those words and they really helped me through the rest of my training and on the actual day."

When Kelly Rees started running she didn't think she'd make it round the block, but she stuck at it, recording training runs of up to 10 miles before her Mum was diagnosed with cancer in January 2015.

"My Mum sadly passed away on the 9th of August. Training was so much harder, I would get to 7 miles and hit a brick wall but I managed to keep going and the reason why I was running helped me – it was for my Mum, for Velindre and I really wanted to raise some money to help someone else’s Mum/family member who was going through what my Mum had been through. The running helped me at such a sad time, it gave me something to focus on and it turned such a sad situation into a positive for me, I was doing it to help others."

These incredible words from Kelly are what make Velindre Cancer Centre so special. The level of specialist care that cancer patients receive is heavily dependent on the amazing fundraising income that people like you and Kelly, our amazing army of supporters generate! We're so grateful to Kelly for her outstanding fundraising and inspiring words.

"I would definitely recommend running the Cardiff Half Marathon for Velindre to my friends and anyone who enjoys running - To be able to do something to raise money for such a special cause makes it so worthwhile and the course itself I can’t put into words how awesome it is, my favourite part was by Roath Park when you run past the nursing home at the top and all the residents are sat out the front with their blankets and posters saying 2.5 miles to go your nearly home, that was enough for me to realise I had nearly done it."


"In my mind I was hoping for a few hundred pounds but in all honesty our aim was to raise whatever we possibly could. We figured that no matter what we raised the money was going to a worthy cause, it was the least we could do to show our gratitude towards all the fantastic staff at Velindre. The care and support we received was second to none, we just wanted to give a little back to show how much it was appreciated."

Lyndon Jones and family ran the Cardiff Half Marathon last year in aid of Velindre, to say thank you for how Lyndon's mother, Barbara, was treated and cared for. The race last year, fittingly took place on what would've been Barbara's 65th birthday.

With very little running experience, the whole Jones family completed the 13.1 miles around Cardiff!

"Karen and myself had done a bit of cross country and athletics running in our school days, but other than that we had zero running experience. None of us had run anything over a couple of miles though, never mind a half marathon."

"Granted, we can mark it down as a great personal achievement to finish a half marathon but to know that we have contributed to something far bigger by raising the money feels special."

The Jones Family took Velindre Cancer Centre Fundraising's advice and went straight into utilising the sponsor forms, running shirts and fundraising tips - 
"They had everything on hand ready to get you up and running (pardon the pun) with raising money! Social media played a part too, we put a few posts on our respective Facebook and Instagram accounts and before we knew it donations were coming in on our just giving account!"

"When the money kept coming in we were truly amazed by the support. We had no idea that people would get behind us and donate as much as they did. We were still collecting sponsorship form money well after the event. My advice would be to get your running trainers on and start fundraising, you have nothing to lose  If we can do it with zero running experience, what's stopping YOU!" 


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July 18, 2016