At Velindre, we undertake the National Survey on a monthly basis during face-to-face conversations, in addition to this, we also capture experience information via Patient Stories. Following on from this research, we received feedback that “the chairs in Outpatients are too low & difficult to get up from”, and thanks to our wonderful fundraisers, we were able to put this right. Our Outpatients department has been refurbished with new chairs with arm-rests to make it easier for our patients.  

Before:                                                                                            After:


And the old chairs – although not suitable for our needs - have been put to good use too...

As part of the refurbishment of the outpatient’s area, 100 outpatient chairs were no longer required. Our aim was to reuse the chairs in order to give them a good home and reduce the environmental impact of disposal to landfill. After being unable to reuse the chairs at other divisions and hosted organisations within the Trust, we contacted other NHS Wales Health Boards through the Welsh Health Environmental Forum, achieving the following:

 •             10 chairs have been donated to Powys Local Health Board

•             30 chairs have been donated to Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust 

•             The remaining 60 chairs have been re-used through an ISO 9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental accredited furniture recycling company. The chairs will be re-distributed throughout the third sector to local businesses and charities, with any surplus chairs being taken apart and every bit recycled.

A massive thank you to our wonderful supporters, for helping us make improvements that will improve our patients' experience.


Velindre Outpatients Refurbishment

February 24, 2016