Head & Neck Cancers Appeal

Head and Neck cancers may affect many sites including the tongue, mouth, throat, tonsils and voice box. Around 500 men and women are affected by Head and Neck cancer each year in Wales. Some cancers, particularly of the tonsils and tongue, are becoming more common in Wales as a result of infection with a virus called Human Papillomavius (HPV) that we are almost all exposed to at some point in our lives.

Head and Neck cancers often present with pain and difficulty on swallowing and/or a lump in the neck. Early detection is important because these cancers can be cured if caught early enough and treated successfully. Treatment for Head and Neck cancer may involve surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. As well as improving the chances of cure, reducing side effects from these intensive treatments is an important goal of future research.

More than half of patients diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer in Wales will be treated at Velindre Cancer Centre. Velindre is the largest cancer centre in Wales and offers treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for a variety of different cancers.

The Head and Neck team in Velindre has led the introduction of highly precise forms of radiotherapy in Wales, resulting in reduced side effects for patients. As well as developing local trials, the Head and Neck team are involved with several national and international trials which aim to improve the outcomes from Head and Neck cancer in the future.

The Head and Neck Cancer fund is managed by Dr Mererid Evans. Dr Evans is working with colleagues in Cardiff University to better understand the contribution of Human Papillomavirus to Head and Neck cancer development in Wales and to introduce new treatment approaches for the disease in future.

Patients with Head and Neck cancer often experience difficulties with speech and swallowing and their appearance may change as a result of the cancer itself or its treatment. I am supporting the appeal to raise money for research and equipment that will help patients with Head and Neck cancer at Velindre. Matthew Rhys

“The Head and Neck team at Velindre are a remarkable group of people whose whole ethos was about giving me and my family the support we needed following the day I was told I had cancer.”
Peter Williams

“In 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue – thankfully, Velindre Cancer Centre was there to see me through my treatment and recovery.” Derek Ford

“I am living testament to the care and skill of everyone at Velindre. Velindre cares about caring and takes care of the carers as well.” Clive Lobenstein-Peckham

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